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Rent a Car, Frequently answered question

Frequently answered question

You need a document of identification, a driver's license in order, with a year old and In addition, it is essential to present a credit or debit card and with funds

At AIVALU we make it easy and we only offer two rates: full-risk insurance without a franchise and third party insurance with a franchise.

With the first, you will enjoy a full insurance (forget about worries!), Without deposit or franchise. And with the second one it requires the payment of a franchise (it varies according to the car model selected)

The cancellation is free up to 24 hours before the vehicle is collected and any modification of the reservation can be made through the website.

At AIVALU, we do not limit your travels.

We have a young fleet of vehicles less than 12 months old and with a policy that maintains that standard.

We invite you to enjoy our Canary Islands and that the sea is not a problem for it.

• Write down the names and addresses of all the people involved and any witnesses.
• Fill in the accident part included in the rental documentation.
• Under no circumstances should you take the car to repair without the consent of the rental company.